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In 2015 the certification of fundamental competences for education and the most important work in the United States and supported by more than 19 thousand world-class companies in 125 countries, arrived in Mexico.

ACT is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people achieve educational and work success. We are leaders in university and professional preparation, providing high quality evaluations based on almost 60 years of research.


In Mexico, the WorkKeys® Career Readiness Certificate ™ is the skills credential linking job seekers to thousands of employers, as it gives individuals evidence that they possess the skills that employers consider essential for success in the workplace. . This improves career outcomes for everyone from people entering the workforce to long-term employees and improves hiring, training and promotion decisions of employers.

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Why is it important for companies to choose certified people?

Companies every day tend to globalize adopting technological innovations and best practices in their processes, to be more competitive, so that their goal is to have in their workforce the best employees, who have the ability to learn and adapt.


Recent research shows that among recruiters in Mexico and other countries there is a strong tendency to hire or recommend people who have certifications issued by official entities and / or internationally recognized.


How to certify me and be the best candidate?

In order to be the best job candidate, the best certification option is: the DOUBLE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OF PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION program that will allow you to train and evaluate yourself to certify yourself in the skills that companies consider essential to be successful in the job. At the end of the program you can count on the official certificates issued by TWO recognized certifiers (international and national), valid for 5 years.


You will be able to join to work in the best companies, with the best salaries, in the global companies that recognize ACT in more than 125 countries.

  • You can demonstrate that you have essential skills to develop your potential in the workplace, to have an option to "labor mobility".

    They will succeed in a variety of professional and educational careers.

  • You will have competitive advantages over other candidates, because you can demonstrate that you have validated competences under international standards.


How to use my International Double Certification?

For this we recommend:

  • Include your International Certificate Number and National Certificate Numbers in your curriculum.

  • In job interviews, show your Certificates to the employer to prove that an International body and a National body have accredited that you have the necessary skills for the job and you are a valuable and updated human resource.

  • Provides employers or recruiters with the ACT® International certification number and National Certificate numbers, and routes where they can verify that the certificates are authentic:

  • ACT® International Registry of People with Certified Talent

  • National Registry of People with Certified Competencies

  • Verify your certification scores with our occupational skills profiles to compare them with the average scores needed for more than 20,000 jobs:

What organizations support the International Dual Professional Certification Program?

  • ACT® is a non-profit organization with more than 60 years of experience helping people achieve school and professional success, supported by more than 20,000 global companies of all sectors, known in more than 125 countries; Internationally recognized by the International Labor Organization (ILO), by its method to identify together with the business sectors the fundamental levels of competence in the work profiles (currently has a database of more than 26,000 profiles).

  • The Secretariat of Public Education, through CONOCER, grants the official validity and backs it with the National Certification.


  1. Voucher to take the Keytrain® course (Diploma at the end of the course)

  2. Voucher to present certification evaluation (1 International Certificate issued by ACT® and 3 National

  3. Certificates issued by the Ministry of Public Education through CONOCER) * Report of results regarding a chosen work profile. 


*The certificates are delivered upon compliance with the certification policies

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