At CMC we have a wide range of certifications for you National and international.

We are exclusive representatives of the ACT® certification in fundamental transversal competences for work and education and we have also developed national standards recognized by the SEP through CONOCER.

We invite you to know the certification offer we have for you. "Your future is in your hands and we want to help you achieve it."

The Double ACT® International Certification in Fundamental Transversal Competencies for work and education, evaluates and certifies the following competences:


Reading of information

Information Search

Applied mathematics


These competencies are recognized in the world as fundamental for optimal performance in work and education.


With the ACT® certification you will obtain an international certificate recognized in 19 thousand world companies and 125 countries, which means you can choose a better position or work mobility in almost any part of the world.


We invite you to get in touch with us and learn more about this Double Certification.

The CONOCER is the agency of the Ministry of Education responsible for the certification of competencies in Mexico. Its mission is to develop competency standards that help people demonstrate their knowledge and skills to develop specific activities.

CMC as part of the network know and chair of the committee of transversal competences, has for you a wide range of certifications and the faculty of being able to develop the transversal standards required by the labor market.

To meet the offer of National Certifications that we have for you, get in touch with us.

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